Alavanh Chanthasaly

Alavanh Chanthasaly

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First Name * Alavanh
Last Name * Chanthasaly
Username * Ace0fspad3s
Country * USA


Current Position Unemployed
Areas of Expertise Level DesignScriptingCimematographyPhotographyenvironment design.
Preferred Tools Unreal engine 4Marmoset Toolbag3DS maxUnitySubstance DesignerSubstance PainterPhotoshopWorld Machine


Availability: Full time


Hello! I've been studying 3D art since 2013. I have been passionate about game development and environment art since 6th grade where I had started making maps for various games (Timesplitters 2, CS:S, ArmA 1, Savage: Battle of Newerth, Cryengine 2 sandbox).